The blue flame of Crêpe Suzette.
It casts its light on a wonderful moment.

Ashiya, Kobe Prefecture, 1969.
That irreplaceable moment in the eyes of founder Naokuni Arita,
who got his start working in restaurants,
is what Henri Charpentier has always been offering since our founding,
and is a promise to our customers.

Brand story



Since debuting in 1975, it has been the specialty of Henri Charpentier where we pursue deliciousness while carefully selecting ingredients and the production process.

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Salon & Store


We strive to bring special moments to our customers.
Enjoy the origins of Henri Charpentier and get a peek behind the curtain.

Gift Service

Various Henri Charpentier gift services for presents for the special people in your life.

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The official Henri Charpentier Instagram account.
We share information on new products and campaigns,
and contents for better enjoying Henri Charpentier.