Ebisu Financiers receive good fortune from Ebisu, the god of prosperous business.

Give as a gift to clients to wish them prosperity.
As a present to wish happiness to the special people in your life.

Ebisu Financiers are the ideal gift for conveying wishes of happiness and prosperity to those who eat them.
Give them to important clients. Give them to relatives and family. Ebisu Financiers, baked goods donated to Nishinomiya Shrine,
are auspicious cakes that have received good fortune from Ebisu.

Nishinomiya Shrine is the grand head shrine of shrines that worship Ebisu,
who is venerated as the god of good fortune.

Nishinomiya Shrine is the grand head shrine of the approximately 3,000 shrines throughout Japan dedicated to Ebisu.
Ebisu of Nishinomiya is said to have originated when a fisherman from Naruo in Nishinomiya enshrined a statue of the deity that appeared off the coast of Cape Wada in Osaka Bay, Kobe which was called Chinu no Umi in ancient times. Later, following an oracle, the statue of the deity was relocated and enshrined in Nishinomiya, further west.

Nishinomiya Shrine website

Ebisu Financiers are offered
in the “Shunsai” ritual held on the first of every month at Nishinomiya Shrine
to pray for the happiness and prosperous business of those who eat them.

As Henri Charpentier’s main plant is located quite close to Nishinomiya Shrine, Ebisu Financiers are carefully produced and presented at the Shunsai ritual ceremonies on the first of every month as an offering of sweets. The Ebisu Financiers are divided among the attendees following the ceremony.

Ebisu Financiers are also given as secondary prizes
for the Toka Ebisu Festival’s “Opening of the Gate” ceremony that chooses the “lucky men”.

During the Toka Ebisu Festival on January 9th, 10th, and 11th, the shrine is crowded with as many as a million people. It is known throughout Japan as the largest festival in the Osaka-Kobe area. The “Opening of the Gate” ceremony that chooses the “lucky men” is especially filled with excitement. The first three to reach the finish line are crowned “lucky men” and given Ebisu Financiers as secondary prizes.

They are made with an abundance of Hokkaido-grown Dainagon adzuki beans.

Adzuki beans have long been considered an auspicious food because their red color is thought to ward off evil spirits. Dainagon is a type of adzuki bean that is large and firm, has a robust flavor, and doesn’t easily split open even when boiled.

Praise from our customers

I sent Ebisu Financiers to my work colleagues when I retired. They’re offered at the shrine every month, so I chose them as offerings to wish all those I’m indebted to the best in their endeavors. I think the slight sweetness and texture of the adzuki beans suit a wide range of ages, as well as people who aren’t keen on sweets.

(Poster: biscotti)

I was curious about Ebisu Financiers, but couldn’t buy them since they were only available at shops in the Kansai area. As soon as they were available online I bought them. The Financier and exceptional sweetness of the adzuki beans go together well, and were delicious. They exceeded my expectations. I also bought them as New Year’s gifts. The packaging is auspicious, too, so they were well received.

(Poster: Utaemon)

I received them as a souvenir from my older brother’s wife who lives in Hyogo Prefecture. I thought that all Financiers were alike, but once I took a bite, I realized how good they are and immediately bought them online.

(Poster: Sasadango)



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