Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together answers to some common questions from our customers.
If you still have questions after viewing these answers, please contact us through “Inquiries.”

Shop Services

Can I add a message plate to the cake?
We can write a message of your choosing in chocolate.
Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
Do you have any other services for celebrations?
We have original Henri Charpentier message cards.
Be sure to use this service for birthdays, celebrations, and thank yous.
Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
*We do not offer printing services.
Can you ship products overseas?
Please ask at one of our shops, as services differ by shop.
Can you ship baked goods?
Yes. Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
We also take orders through our Online Shop, so please take advantage of that option.
Can you provide bags for sharing products?
Yes. Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
Can you provide gift ornaments?
We have noshi paper ornaments for different occasions (for celebrations/condolences).
We can also include the sender’s name and the specified purpose of the gift on the ornament.
Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
How long is the best-before date of your products?
As it differs by product, please inquire at one of our shops or call the Customer Service Office at 0120-917-215 (Hours: 9:00 am–5:00 pm, automated guidance No. 4).
Can I special order an original cake design?
Don’t hesitate to talk to our staff at one of our shops.
Please make your request as early as possible since it will take a few days from order placement until it is ready.
We also offer photo cakes exclusively online that feature a printed photo of your choosing on the cake. Please consider this service when placing your order.
Can you provide candles for the cake?
We can provide the number of candles you request.
Please don’t hesitate to make a request at one of our shops.
Be sure to ask for candles for birthdays and celebrations.
Do you deliver cakes?
Unfortunately, we do not offer delivery services. Please make an in-store purchase.
We offer chilled and frozen cakes on our Online Shop.
Though the types of cakes differ from in-store cakes, please consider ordering online if you want delivery.
Can I order a cake ahead of time?
The order deadline differs depending on the type of cake, so please inquire in advance.
Click here for online orders >
How long will a cake stay fresh (without refrigeration)?
Up to two ice packs will be provided for free.
We recommend taking cakes home within two hours in the summer season (April–October) and three hours in the winter season (November–March).
If it takes longer to reach home than the above times, please ask the shop about the cooler bags we have available (for a fee).
Do all shops sell the same products?
The products available differ by shop.
Please ask at each shop for details.

Café Services

Is it possible to reserve seats in advance?
Unfortunately, reservations are not taken at the café and shop establishments at the Ashiya Head Store, Sakagura-dori Shop, and Ginza Maison. Thank you for your understanding.
Can I reserve the café premises?
We’re unable to give a definitive answer since it depends on the shop’s circumstances and schedule. Please contact the shop you would like to reserve as far in advance as possible.
Do you have a point card?
There was a point card that could only be used at directly managed street shops (Ashiya Head Store, Ginza Maison, Sakagura-dori Shop). However, point card services (all services including awarding, using, and issuing points) were discontinued at the end of March 2019.
*All point cards became invalid as of April 1, 2019.
We apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and appreciate your understanding.

Online Cake Orders

Why haven’t I received an email even though I placed an order online?
Please check the following three things.
(1) If using a free email service (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.), it may have been sorted into the junk mail folder.
Please check the junk mail folder.
(2) You may have made a mistake when entering your email address.
(3) If specifying domains, emails from this website may not be accepted.
All emails from this website are sent from “”
Please add it to your domain-specific email settings.
If you still do not receive an email, it may be that your order was not completed. Please call to inquire (0120-917-215). You can place your order by phone.
Can I change the pick-up date?
Changes can’t be made online, so please first cancel the order and then reorder. It is possible to cancel online orders from My Page up until 5:59 pm three days prior to pickup.
After that, please contact the shop directly.
Can I change the shop where I pick up my order?
The shop can’t be changed, so please first cancel the order and then reorder.
Can I choose two anniversary days for the calendar cake?
You can only choose one anniversary day for online orders.
If you want to choose two anniversary days, please call the shop where you will pick up the order.
Can I special order a decorated cake?
Yes. We do our best to provide the kind of cakes our customers want for special occasions. Basically, you can choose from round or square cakes, but you can also talk to our staff about other design specifications. Please contact us as far in advance as possible.
Can you ship a decorated cake?
Our apologies, all decorated cakes and fresh cakes (requiring refrigeration) must be purchased at one of our stores. We do not ship or deliver them.
I’m getting the messages, “Order can’t be placed” and “Unable to ‘Continue’.”
It may be the “Required” information fields haven’t been filled out.
The alert, “You must provide the required information” is displayed. When you have entered that information you will be able to “Continue.”
Can I order two of the same cake?
For online orders, there is a limit of one unit of the same item per order, and this includes the message plate.
If you wish to order two units of the same item, please place two online orders.
Why do the words for the message plate get cut off?
When you choose the “free text” option, we recommend a message of about 20 characters, taking into account the size of the message plate.
Please write a shorter message, or call the shop you will pick up your order at and speak with staff about the message plate.
Can I pay in advance?
It’s possible to pay in advance, but the payment must be made at the shop. Payment can’t be made online, so please go to the shop when paying in advance.
Currently, if you order from the following page you can pay online in advance when you pick up your order at the Ginza Maison, Tamagawa Takashimaya, and Yokohama Takashimaya Henri Charpentier shops.

Orders for Photo Cakes

Why can’t I choose the shop where I want to pick up my order?
There are different pages for shops that accept online payment in advance and shops that accept in-store payment. Please place your order from one of the URLs below.
Click here for the Yokohama Takashimaya Shop, Tamagawa Takashimaya Shop, and Ginza Maison >
Click here for other shops >
I uploaded an image, but it’s completely white and isn’t showing.
The image may not show if you aren’t using the latest version of your browser or smartphone. After updating, please try again.

The following systems are recommended.
When using a version older than the ones noted below, please update and try again.
PC (Windows/Mac)
・Internet Explorer 11 or higher (Windows)
・Edge (Windows)
・Google Chrome, latest version (Windows/Mac)
・Firefox, latest version (Windows/Mac)
・Safari, latest version (Mac)
Smartphone (iOS 11 or higher/Android 6.0 or higher)
・Safari, latest version (iOS)
・Google Chrome, latest version (iOS/Android)

Online Shop Orders, Telephone/Fax Orders

Can I place an order online?
You can order through the official Henri Charpentier Online Shop .
Some products are only available online, so please be sure to check out the Online Shop.
Does the Online Shop have a point card?
A physical point card is not issued, but you can use point services exclusive to the Online Shop. When you register as an Online Shop member, you can accumulate points in accordance with the amount of purchase. The accumulated points can be used toward subsequent purchases.
▼Click here for more information
Can I place an order by fax?
Orders are accepted by fax 24 hours a day.
Print out the fax order sheet (PDF), fill out the required information, and send it to the following fax number.
*When ordering by fax, customers are responsible for the telephone charge. Thank you for your understanding.

Fax number for Henri Charpentier orders
Can I place an order by phone?
Yes. Please use the telephone number below.
Place your order while viewing this website or gift catalog.
In addition, the operator will assist you with choosing a gift and wrapping choices.
Please don’t hesitate to use the service.
Toll-free number for Henri Charpentier inquiries/orders
0120-917-215 (Hours: 9:00 am–5:00 pm, automated guidance No. 1)

Special Orders

What are Special Orders?
This service creates products with a logo, image, or message of your choice printed on Henri Charpentier sweets and packaging. Be sure to take advantage of the service for novelty goods and gifts for company events and anniversaries.
Special Orders official website
Can an individual use the service?
Yes. The minimum order for Special Orders is 30 items.
Take advantage of the service for wedding gifts, celebrations, and other occasions.
Can I see some examples of Special Orders?
Some of the products we have created are shown on the Special Orders official website. We invite you to take a look.

Bridal Services

Do you have bridal gifts?
We have several bridal gifts and small gifts that can be used as souvenirs and presents for wedding guests. Please don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.


Do you have part-time work available?
Henri Charpentier is always looking for sales staff and production assistants.
●Click here for sales staff positions (part-time)
●Click here for production positions (part-time)

Are you accepting new graduates and mid-career hires?
Please view the Careers page at SUZETTE Co., Ltd.


There are black flecks on the Financiers. Are they safe to eat?
The black flecks in the Financiers are almond skin, so they are safe to eat.
The almonds we use to make the Financier are from California. To prevent oxidation, they are purchased whole with the skin intact and ground just before making the Financiers to bring out the almonds’ aroma.
Mixing ground almonds with the skin carefully removed and almonds with the skin intact allows us to provide our customers with an even richer aroma.
We hope you enjoy the aroma of almonds.
What does Henri Charpentier mean?
Henri Charpentier is the name of a chef from France who lived in the 19th century. The dessert called Crêpes Suzette, which is heated with a blue flame, was created by him for a British prince. Our company’s founder (Naokuni Arita) encountered that dessert and was enchanted by it, inspiring the brand name.
What is the meaning of “Allergens contained in this product” that is printed on the outside of the box?
Under the Food Labeling Act, when a food contains a specific raw material as an ingredient, or when a food contains additives derived from a specific raw material, that information must be shown on the label. Specific raw materials are classified into 8 items that must be shown and 20 items equivalent to specific raw materials for which labeling is encouraged, bringing the total to 28 items. However, our company’s new packaging, which conforms to the Revised Food Labeling Act, lists any of the 28 items used in a product on the label under “Allergens contained in this product.”

Specific Raw Materials (8 items):
Eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, shrimp, buckwheat, crab, walnuts
Items Equivalent to Specific Raw Materials (20 items):
Salmon roe, kiwi fruit, soybeans, banana, Japanese yam, cashew nuts, peach, sesame, mackerel, salmon, squid, chicken, apple, matsutake mushroom, abalone, orange, beef, gelatin, pork, almonds
Where are the ingredients for the sweets produced?
Please call the Customer Service Office using the toll-free number (0120-917-215) or use the email inquiry form on this website to ask about where ingredients for our products are produced. We will provide you with that information.
The production sites for fresh ingredients such as eggs and dairy products may differ depending on the time of shipping, quality, and purchase volume. Thank you for your understanding.
In addition, the production sites for fruits used in our fresh cakes (requiring refrigeration) may differ depending on the location of our production plants. When inquiring about production sites, please let us know the shop where you purchased our products.
Where can I find the best-before date?
The best-before date is printed on the bottom of the individual wrappers of baked goods, and on the film wrapping on the bottom of containers for the gelatin fruit dessert, Terrine de Fruits. In the case of an assortment of products, a sticker showing the best-before date is also placed outside of the box on the side, but this is for the product in the assortment with the shortest shelf life.
The best-before date has passed. Is the product safe to eat?
Generally, the best-before date is regarded as “the period of time a food that degrades relatively slowly can be enjoyably consumed without a change in quality when it has not been opened and has been stored according to the designated storage method.” The best-before date is printed on the bottom of all individual packaging for our company’s baked goods, chilled desserts, and other products. Even if this time period has passed, products do not immediately become inedible. However, since it is an estimate of the period in which a product retains its delicious taste, we recommend consuming products by the best-before date. Please consume the products as soon as possible after opening without storing them.
I received your product as a gift, but I can’t tell what the best-before date is from the wrapping.
We sell products with a minimum of a two-week best-before date at our stores and Online Shop. Depending on the product, there are those with an even longer shelf life.
How long is the best-before date for a fresh cake requiring refrigeration?
A fresh cake does not have a designated best before-date to indicate how long it can retain its delicious taste. Fresh cakes are made with fresh cream and fresh fruits. Some products can be consumed the next day, but basically they should be eaten on the same day of purchase. When you make a purchase, a sticker with the expiration date will be placed on the cake box and shop staff will tell you to “Please eat it today.”
The label for Terrine de Fruits shows they are made with alcohol. Is it okay for children to eat?
Every variety of Terrine de Fruits is made with alcohol to bring out flavor. All of them contain a tiny amount of alcohol concentration that is less than 1%. We tell our customers that small children and pregnant and nursing women should avoid consuming them.
Are the Madeleines and Langues de Chat also made with alcohol?
Some baked goods are made with a very small amount of Western liquor such as rum. We don’t recommend them to people with allergies, pregnant and nursing women, and young children, but there is no problem with children eating them if consumed in ordinary amounts.
I can see black flecks in the custard cream. Is that okay?
The black flecks visible in the product are vanilla bean seeds. They can be safely eaten.
There are beads of moisture inside the packaging of the Tarte Fruits. Is that okay?
As noted on the label on the bottom of the box, due to the characteristics of Tarte Fruits, beads of moisture may adhere to the inside of individual film wrapping. The syrup brushed onto the semi-dried fruits may also adhere to the packaging. In either case, they can be safely eaten as there is no problem with quality.
The aroma of the Petits Gâteaux Assortis (Pistache) seems strong to me.
Pistachio paste is used in the Petits Gâteaux Assortis (Pistache). It has a bitter almond flavor similar to the apricot seed in almond jelly, but don’t worry, there is no problem with the quality. If you feel there is a fragrance other than bitter almond, please contact our company’s Customer Service Office.
Chocolate is listed on the Langues de Chat (Plain) label. Do they contain chocolate even though the cookies are plain?
Langues de Chat is a baked good with rum raisin cream sandwiched between two cookies. Chocolate is listed on the label because that cream contains white chocolate.
Can I give your products to my Muslim friend?
Our company has not received halal certification. In addition, gelatin and alcohol are used in our plants. Even products not made with gelatin or alcohol may possibly be contaminated (mixed) with these ingredients, so unfortunately you should avoid giving them to a Muslim friend.
Can I visit Henri Charpentier to do a story on your company?
Please contact us using the inquiry form on the corporate website for SUZETTE Co., Ltd.
Can I tour a plant?
There are no aisles for tours at Henri Charpentier plants. We do not conduct plant tours for reasons of safety and hygiene management. Thank you for your understanding.