October 1st is
Ashiya Financier Day

October 1st was chosen as Ashiya Financier Day to commemorate becoming the best-selling Financier in the world in 2021.
Henri Charpentier shares the appeal of the Financier and promotes the culture of Western sweets through this commemorative day.

Taking deliciousness to new heights
Our new 8 °C almonds are even more fragrant.

The new and improved Financier premiered on September 27th.

Since debuting in 1975, we have continued to make the Financier while carefully selecting the best ingredients and production process in pursuit of incomparable taste.
Now, the aroma of almonds, an essential ingredient in the Financier along with our original pre-fermented butter, is even richer. California almonds, grown in a dry region with little rain to produce concentrated sweetness and aroma, are brought to Japan whole with the skin intact to prevent oxidation, then ground just before making the Financiers. That endeavor hasn’t changed, but now we transport them at the low temperature of 8℃. Thorough temperature control enables us to use high-quality, fresh almonds in our kitchens.
We do our best to bring you the best moments. Serve this gourmet masterpiece from our Ashiya pastry chefs during the important moments of your life.

The exquisite treat is made by our pastry chefs.
The Financier is new and improved.
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Financiers with a fun and casual flair
Petit Financier

The delightful Financier treats you to colorful fruit in a bite-size serving. Nuts and fruits are added to the batter of our specialty, the Financier, which is made with pre-fermented butter specifically developed for the Financier in Hamanaka, Hokkaido. Experience the joy of strolling through a fruit orchard with every bite.

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Only available now!
Special Event: Freshly baked Financiers

We’re holding a special event so you can experience freshly baked Financiers that are now more aromatic than ever.
Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy that quintessential, fresh-out-of-the-oven aroma and flavor. Apple Financiers will also be exclusively available at the special event.
Be sure to take advantage of the special item not ordinarily sold at our shops.

Held at 11 locations in the Kanto and Kansai regions

coming soon