Gift Service

Give heartfelt gifts to the special people in your life.
Henri Charpentier gift services

Gift Ornaments (Noshi)

We have gift ornaments (noshi) and wrapping paper for different occasions, such as family celebrations and thank yous.
The gift ornament (noshi) can also be personalized with the name and occasion of your choice.

Year‐end / mid-year /
New Year’s gifts /
midsummer greetings

thank yous

family celebrations


A guide to gift ornaments for each occasion


We have original wrapping paper, ribbons, and bags. Please make a selection to suit the recipient and occasion.
There are also gift ornaments available only on the Online Shop.

Message Cards

Original message cards are available.
They are sent with the gift.

Instructions for ordering message cards (Online Shop)

Special Order

Give custom printed sweets that are sure to impress for a special anniversary or business occasion.
We also have products featuring logos and messages.

Large Orders & Company Orders

They can be used for a variety of occasions, including as event or campaign souvenirs, presents such as year‐end gifts/mid-year gifts, and products with original packaging.
Orders can be placed for 100 or more of a single product.