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Introducing an SDGs sweet that uses “imperfect” bananas!
As bananas ripen, inevitably some become “imperfect.” We have created tasty donuts made with these non-standard bananas.

Bananas are sourced fresh and processed into a paste within three days (*1) of receiving them to fully draw out the sweetness and flavor of the bananas. In addition, the flavor is accentuated by blending chocolate chips, which are a perfect complement to the bananas.

The product has been redesigned to include slim packaging that easily slips into a bag and is great for buying in large quantities, as well as sleeve packaging that can also be used for giving them as a simple souvenir.

Reheating them for about 20 sec. in a microwave (600W) (*2) further boosts the sweet aroma of the banana and the chocolate flavor.

*1 Bananas may not be able to be processed within three days, depending on the availability of the bananas, etc.
*2 Be sure to remove the product from the film wrapper and tray, and place it on a microwaveable dish.

Note: *Available only at Tokyo Daimaru Shop, Tokyo Gift Palette Shop, Tokyo Station Gransta Shop, Haneda Airport, and Online Shop


Bananaana 4 pcs.

¥ 1,026 (Tax included)

Bananaana 6 pcs.

¥ 1,512 (Tax included)

Bananaana 8 pcs.

¥ 1,998 (Tax included)

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